Le Petit Chaperon Rouge is a non-profit organization that provides Francophone childcare services in seven centers around Toronto.

LPCR’s philosophy is to create a stimulating environment in which children can explore and acquire knowledge, based on their age, interests, skills and individual choices, in a Francophone environment that promotes learning through PLAY and the education staff’s pedagogical approach.

Play is crucial for a child’s social, emotional, intellectual, physical and cognitive growth, and exploration is central to play! Play is not something that is forced. It is through play that children discover spatial relationships, develop their motor skills, practice their social and language skills, learn to think creatively and gather information about the world around them through their five senses, all the while having fun. Play is a normal activity for children and, in order to develop properly, children must have an opportunity to explore various forms of “play,” such as:

Active play

running, jumping, climbing, riding a bike or using their entire body

Calm play

looking at books, stringing beads, drawing, building, etc.

Cooperative or social play

games involving sharing with one or more children

Solitary play

any activities that a child does alone

Manipulative play

puzzles, building games, cutting, pasting or any other activity that involves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills

Creative play

painting, modeling, finding solutions, making music, telling stories or any other activities that stimulate a child’s imagination

Dramatic play

dressing up, pretending, imitating, etc.