For infants and toddlers, the daycare accepts children from families where French is one of the learning languages chosen by the parents. In preschool and school-age children must understand and speak French. At the Coxwell daycare, children who speak little or no French are accepted in the immersion program if one of the two parents speaks French.

We accept children in our programs or on the waiting list following (1) the registration date and the priority list (2) provided that the family has completed the registration form.

Documents to be presented at the time of registration

  1. Formulaire d’inscription
  2. Contrat d’engagement
  3. Copie du carnet de vaccination
  4. Autorisation des politiques
  5. Feuille d’urgence / Loco parentis
  6. Partage d’information avec l’école
  7. Plan d’urgence pour l’anaphylaxie & allergies
  8. Autorisation d’usage des crèmes & désinfectant 
  9. Paiement bancaire préautorisé


Parent’s Guide

The Guide for Parents is a guide that presents the rules of life within the daycare and the agreement between parents and the daycare.

Download the Parent’s Guide


Monthly Fee

Download Coxwell’s fee

Download Etobicoke’s fee

Download Gainsborough’s fee

Download Jones’s fee

Download Richview’s fee

Download Queensdale’s fee

Download Scarborough’s fee

*Download Scarborough fee (old families)*

*Monthly rates for former families apply only to families who were registered in the former daycare center of St-Michel Elementary School.


Links with French schools

Conseil scolaire Mon Avenir

Conseil scolaire Viamonde


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