In the infant and toddler groups, the childcare centre accepts children from families where French is one of the learning languages chosen by the parents. In the preschooler and school-age groups, children must understand and speak French. At the Coxwell childcare centre, children who speak little or no French are accepted into the immersion program if one of the two parents speaks French.

We accept children into our programs or add them to the waiting list according to the (1) registration date and priority list (2) provided that the family has completed the registration form.

Documents to be submitted at time of registration

  1. Registration form
  2. Contract of engagement
  3. Copy of vaccination record 
  4. Permission form
  5. Emergency contact list / Loco parentis
  6. Information-sharing with the school
  7. Emergency plan for anaphylaxis and allergies
  8. Authorization to use creams and disinfectants 
  9. Pre-authorized bank payment