The LE PETIT CHAPERON ROUGE corporation is a non-profit organization offering French language childcare services in six centres in Toronto. LPCR’s philosophy is to create a stimulating environment where children can explore and acquire knowledge according to their age, their interest, their skills and their individual choices in a francophone environment that promotes learning by PLAY and the pedagogical approach of those involved.

Play is crucial for the child’s social, emotional, intellectual, physical and cognitive growth; exploration is at the root of play! Play is not an imposed activity. It is by playing that the child discovers spatial relationships, by which he develops his motor skills, practices his social and linguistic skills, learns to think creatively and gathers information about the world around him through his five senses, all while having fun. Play is the child’s normal activity and for healthy development the child must have the opportunity to explore forms of “play” such as:

Active play

running, jumping, climbing, cycling or using his whole body;

Quiet play

looking at books, stringing beads, drawing, using construction toys, etc.

Cooperative or social play

games of sharing with one or more children;

Solitary play

all the activities the child does alone;

Manipulation play

puzzles, construction game, cutting and pasting or any other activity that involves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills;

Creative play

painting, modelling, problem-solving, making music, storytelling or any other activities that stimulates the child’s imagination;

Dramatic play

dressing up, pretending, imitating, etc.