The educational center of Le Petit Chaperon Rouge daycare centers works in synergy by associating theory and practice in a harmonious way. With the objective of transmitting and guaranteeing educational values ​​that are based on the latest evidence-based research in education.

The pedagogical center is made up of a manager, a pedagogical adviser and 3 resource educators.

The projects of the educational center:

Community of learners

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge is involved in the well-being of the planet and wishes to set up eco-responsible projects! Facilitated by the educational center, professionals from the 7 centers meet once a month to share, exhibit and discuss the activities implemented in their centers. Our goal: to nurture and inspire these budding adults to adopt the best reflexes to take care of the environment and awaken their awareness of the world around us.

The organic basket

LPCR is nourished by theories and key concepts for the development of children. It is in support of its educational values ​​and in line with its commitment to the environment that LPCR offers in its menus a selection of foods from organic farming to restore the body and the mind in a healthy way.

The library

LPCR opens a new chapter by offering the possibility of borrowing books from daycare centres. These books are selected for their pedagogical and educational quality. They concern all kinds of themes such as sphincter cleanliness, sharing, emotions, biting, intimidation and life changes for example.

Personalized and individualized staff training

The pedagogy center offers individual meetings to professionals in the field to support them in their teaching practices.

Reflective meetings

The reflective meeting is an interactive meeting led by certified professionals from the educational center and is based on measurable objectives and evaluation criteria. Its intention is to offer a time for reflection and questioning of professional beliefs and practices.


A monthly meeting is offered by the educational center to support and enrich the discussions of specific and controversial themes. The objective is to offer a time for debate supported by various theories in order to facilitate the exercise of the parental function on a daily basis and to create networking between parents.