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November 2022

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Learning is a serious task, which requires concentration and rigor. Thus, we dissociate it from the notion of pleasure immediately. However, pleasure has an essential role to play in learning. It releases various hormones, gives a sense of confidence and engages the child in their learning process. Better, the pleasure even pushes the child to discover and learn beyond the instructions and this learning is memorized over time. Dive into your memories, call on what you learned by experimenting for yourself, when you were playing. Or the learning you do today when you take some leisure time. We learn much more while having fun: why? How? ‘Or’ What ? Let’s discover this together in the new issue of l’Escale!

L’Escale is offered only in French.

Les émotions

Les cafés-causeries

You are invited to participate to the next café-causerie – Les émotions

Date & Time

September 28, 2022 – 19h30


To register


Our daycares will reopen on September 6, 2022.

Clothes and items to have in your little one’s backpack:

*Note: Don’t forget to properly identify your child’s items


See you soon!

Come visit us on July 16 at Bastille Day!

La Bastille Day est un évènement organisé par l’organisation Fédération Tricolore Toronto. Cet évènement rassemble toute la communauté francophone de Toronto!


11h00 – 22h00

The Bentway – 250 Fort York Bld, Toronto, ON, M5V 3K9

For more information, visit their Website and their Instagram!

Adaptation: solid foundations for a fulfilling year

The adaptation period is a key stage in acquiring the new routine. Classes usually start in September and require a lot of energy for the child, his family and the childcare professionals.

In this new issue of l’Escale, we invite you to discuss the common challenges that this period represents, but also to suggest that you think about winning strategies that will make it possible to soften and facilitate your child’s adaptation to his new environment.

On June 29, 2022, the LPCR educational center will host a coffee-talk on adaptation. A topic to prepare you and your child for their first day at daycare!

Join the meeting by clicking here!

With the summer camp approaching, here is a little surprise project for the children who will participate in the LPCR summer camp!

You can print Bingo HERE!

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge wishes you a wonderful summer!

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