At LPCR, we believe that a healthy and balanced diet is essential for the development of children. It is with this objective that we ensure to offer diversified and qualitative menus.

In this sense, a nutritious snack is offered in the morning and afternoon for all age groups and a healthy midday meal for non-school groups.

To ensure we offer the best to children, we have cooks on site who prepare snacks and dinners on a daily basis. Our menus are therefore made up of homemade recipes prepared the same day.

In addition, our menus have been verified and approved by a certified pediatric dietitian to ensure quality standards.

We would like to thank the Vibrant Nutrition company for this collaboration as well as our cooks who take the time to prepare delicious recipes for children.


For a free consultation with the company Vibrant Nutrition: https://p.bttr.to/3EIxhbd