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Looking for more information? Please consult the Parent Guide.

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We do not accept partial registrations. All our programs are full-time, 5 days per week.


No, our childcare costs are billed monthly, regardless of the presence of the child.

Children who are not 100% subsidy, but partially with a daily rate determined by the City of Toronto Subsidy Department, are billed based on the monthly subsidy report received at the end of each month for the month in question. For any questions relating to your billing, please contact your file agent.

Every year in January, we bill the annual membership fees. Families benefiting from municipal subsidies are not exempt from paying these contribution fees. (Please see the parents guide for more information).

The deposit already paid will be kept until the end of the custody period. It can be used to pay childcare costs for the last month, subject to receiving 4 weeks’ notice of termination, in accordance with the provisions of the LPCR. We invite you to consult the parents’ guide for more information.

Any child under 6 years old is eligible for CWELCC. This eligibility is maintained until the month of their sixth birthday. After this date, he will no longer be eligible.

Please refer to the childcare service prices displayed on our website for the center you have selected.