Infants- 3 to 18 months

Welcome to the infant group. This program is for children aged 3 to 18 months.

We have two centres that welcome infants: one east and another west of the city. We encourage you to add your child to our waiting list as soon as possible because there is high demand for this age group.

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What we offer


A ratio of 1 adult to 3 children.



Curriculums created each week are based on by the educator team’s (educator and assistant) observations of your children. Our curriculums propose activities appropriate to the developmental capabilities of the children and their individual needs. In the context of daily life, our pedagogy is based on positive and caring education. (Example of weekly programming)

Using the Himama Program

Receive photos of your children and real time updates on their activities, whether they are eating, taking a nap or playing. Learn about what your child is doing during the day through a daily detailed report. Discover in advance what the educators are planning by consulting the calendar and the planned activities for the upcoming week or month.

Providing information to parents

Information is provided to parents in the mornings and evenings describing how your child’s day went, and parent/educator meetings are held twice a year to discuss your child’s development.


External Programs

Specialized teachers from outside agencies offer workshops such as music, theater and yoga.

Immersion Programs

We also provide our Anglophone community with the opportunity of registering their children in the immersion program at the Coxwell LCPR.



In the Coxwell, Jones, Queensdale and Etobicoke childcare centres, a cook prepares meals on site. The menus are reviewed by a dietician to ensure compliance with the Canada Food Guide. At the Richview and Gainsborough childcare centres, the Yummy Catering company delivers the meals on a daily basis.

This program is offered in the following centres